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Although I am not able to buy every single game and piece of PlayStation technology feel free to ask anything you'd like to know, and be amazed.

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The Last Of US Remastered

Available today exclusively on PS4.

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Released Today: The Last Of Us Remastered

Platforms: PS4.

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The Last of Us Remastered - Photo Mode Tutorial

*PS4 Exclusive*

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Warframe: Mirage

A sly conjurer. Master of illusions, she alters her environment through skillful manipulation. Her abilities, based in deception, are feared by her enemies.

Abilities: Hall of Mirrors, Sleight of Hand, Eclipse, Prism.

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sorry for being gone for a week I was playing the Destiny Beta all this time, but unbeknown to me the Beta all of a sudden stopped and my life has gone off track… I’ll post stuff tomorrow.

Just noticed that the Destiny Beta Codes are only for PS4, so if you want the Destiny Beta Code friend request me on PSN and I will give it to you there. Choosing tonight from friends list. (Only 2 Codes)

PSN: ToxicGaskarth

Apparently Bungie wants me to give away 2 Destiny Beta Codes. So if you want in REBLOG and ill choose 2 random people. PS4 only.

Who is enjoying the Destiny Beta? Mine is downloading now maybe ill see you Guardians later.

The Last Of Us: Remasted

Coming exclusively to PS4 July 30th

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  fvvvvvck said:
Does anyone else have issues with getting into multiplayer on COD Ghosts? Like the game just freezes the second you click on multiplayer.

This question goes to the audience because I don’t have Ghosts anymore.

Destiny Beta Starts July 17th for PS3 & PS4 Pre-Order to Gain Access!

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